How to Determine the Strength of Strong Magnets

Strong magnets are used to hold items in place and keep cords under control. They are also helpful for picking up small objects. Some common uses for strong magnets are in the home and workplace.

Neodymium magnets are one of the most popular types of strong magnets. These strong magnets are made from a mixture of rare earth elements. Neodymium is known for its high strength and its ability to generate large magnetic fields. It is used in a wide of applications, including hard disk drives, mobile phones, and video and audio systems of television.

Aside from being a powerful magnet, Neodymium magnets are also extremely durable. Their magnetic saturation level is high, so they do not easily lose their magnetic strength. This makes them ideal for many applications.

The Curie temperature of a permanent magnet is the temperature at which it begins to lose its magnetic strength. Magnets of different grades may have different Curie temperatures. However, the maximum operating temperature is normally lower than the magnet’s Curie temperature.

Another way to determine the strength of a magnet is by its energy density. All magnets have a certain strength depending on their energy density. Several measurements are used to determine a magnet’s energy density. One of the measurements is called Maximum Energy Product (MGOe).

MGOe is measured by a number of factors. The product of the creativity and the pull strength of a magnet is referred to as the “product of B and H”. H is equal to the external magnetic field strength.






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